You Are Your Dog’s Life Coach

Solvable behavior problems are the number one reason why dogs are surrendered to shelters. To foster strong human-canine relationships and ensure that more dogs have forever homes, Family Dog School at Berkshire Humane Society offers a variety of training opportunities, including group classes, behavioral consultations, and private lessons, for dogs of all ages, breeds, and skill levels.

Our mission at Family Dog School is to build a loving, respectful relationship between dogs and their owners and teach better awareness of dogs’ natural communication through play and positive reinforcement training. We understand that every dog is an individual, and we’ll work with you to tailor the training to meet their temperament and your needs.

Our Faculty at Family Dog School has extensive experience training and caring for dogs. They believe in the importance of continuing education and regularly attend workshops, clinics, and conferences to stay current on science-based training.

Family Dog School offers safe, clean, and comfortable facilities for you and your dog.  Measuring 30’ by 70’, our state of the art indoor training room features a matted floor, a climate controlled environment, seating,  and equipment for all different classes, including nose work, and tricks. For outdoor work, our fenced-in training pen is spacious and always carefully groomed.

To guarantee that Family Dog School students receive personal attention, each class has a maximum of eight dogs and is taught by two instructors.  And to help with your training needs, Family Dog School also sells a variety of collars, harnesses and enrichment toys. All advice is free.

Remember…enrolling in Family Dog School not only benefits you and your dogs but also supports the work and mission of Berkshire Humane Society!

To attend class dogs must have the following routine vaccinations and tests.  Owners please provide proof at the first day of class.
  • Complete DHPP (distemper and parvovirus) series, also known as a “puppy series” for dogs 4 months and up.
  • Puppies 16wks or less must show proof that they have begun their DHPP puppy series vaccinations.
  • Rabies vaccine for dogs 6 months and up.
  • Puppies less than 5 months old are exempt from this requirement).
  • CLEAR fecal exam (meaning no parasites or intestinal infections were found) from the last 6 months (please provide actual test results, not a receipt for the exam).
  • If a dog tested positive for a parasite or infection, owner must provide proof of a clear fecal exam prior to bringing their dog into class.
Thank you for helping keep our classes safe!

**Please note, group classes cover a specific curriculum as outlined in the class description.  If you have specific behavior concerns that you’d like our instructors to address that are not covered by the curriculum, please schedule a private lesson instead.  Not sure if your behavior issue is covered?  Just ask!  Reach out to us at and we will be happy to schedule you for the class or private session that will address your training needs.