Microchipping your pet can help you be reunited with your pet should you ever be separated.

Do I Need an Appointment

We require an appointment, so we have time set aside for you and your pet’s visit. Shelter life tends to be quite busy on a daily basis.

What Pets Do You Microchip?

At this time we only microchip dogs and cats.

How Much Will It Cost?

The fee for microchipping is $25, which includes the actual chip and registration with the information you provide. Download and complete the registration form prior to your appointment. Please make sure the information is current. Registration allows you to be contacted should your pet become separated from you. The microchip is read with a special reader. The registering company will notify you about your pet.

Where Can I Get My Pet Chipped?

Berkshire Humane Society chips both dogs and cats in Pittsfield at the Dr. John Reynolds Adoption and Education Center at 214 Barker Road and at the Wellness Clinic at 289 Dalton Avenue. Purradise in Great Barrington only chips cats at this time.