Does your dog struggle with reactivity (barking or lunging at dogs, people bicycles, vehicles, etc.) while on walks or out in public? If so, our Reactive Rover class will give you tools to address these problem behaviors and help your dog feel calmer, safer and more secure on walks in the presence of their triggers.

This is a 6-week hybrid course: Classes 1-3 are online via Microsoft Teams, classes 4-6 are in person. The first three classes will be held online where you will meet your instructor and class members and get personalized instruction and “homework” assignments each week to be completed with your dog. Weeks 4-6 will be in-person at Berkshire Humane Society, integrating the skills you learned online into a group class setting. This class is SMALL (4 dogs maximum).

Class Schedule: Saturday
$250 for 6-week session
Instructor: Haylie Gernert-Dott, CPDT-KA