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Nose work is a great sport that taps into your dog’s natural scenting ability to hunt and scavenge for food. This six week course is suitable for every dog regardless of age or skill set. All we need is a working nose! We begin by encouraging the dog to find food in simple low distraction environments, and systematically create more and more challenges for your dog to work through. As the dogs natural scenting ability begins to evolve, we the “handler” begin to identify our dogs search style and how to read and understand their body language and help support our dogs throughout the search. With one session you and your dog will have the knowledge to go off on your own and use nose work as a great enrichment game. If you wish to continue on with classes you will explore a multitude of search areas interior and exterior as we build up to your dog searching independently for a target odor.

Benefits of Nose work

Great for all dogs!
Low impact activity you and your dog can enjoy anytime and anywhere
Builds confidence in shy and fearful dogs
A great mental workout that can exhaust even the most energetic dogs
Builds and strengthens you and your dog’s relationship
Allows the dog to take control
Builds a better understanding on reading your dog’s body language.
Allows your dog to let loose and have fun
Only one dog in the class at a time so reactive dogs are welcome

Classes Offered

Introduction to Nose Work
The foundation of scent work begins here! We begin in a small enclosed area with little distractions. Week by week the challenges become progressively harder and the search space begins to grow larger. We work on building a strong desire to search that allows our dogs to work through an assortment of odor puzzles with little stress and frustration. You the handler will learn how to read your dog’s body language so that you can become a great team member and support your dog throughout the search!

Limited to a max number of 5 dogs per class. Classes time varies depending on the number of dogs enrolled in the session. Each dog is given 15 minutes of search time total.

Class Day of the Week /Time: TBD
Cost: $210 for the six week session
Registration: Contact Family Dog School for more information – +1 (413) 447-7878 x. 139
Instructors: Haylie, Sydney