Feline Boarding at Purradise
301 Stockbridge Road
Great Barrington, Massachusetts 01230
(413) 717-4244


Purradise Feline Boarding is a cats-only boarding facility in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. Housed inside a quaint and comfortable converted home, the facility provides relaxing accommodations for your feline friend. In addition to cozy condos, your cat will have access to a large sunroom for exercise at least three times per day. They can run, play or lie on one of many towers or beds while watching the view outside a large, window-enclosed space.

Our staff is compassionate, friendly and trained in feline care and behavior. Our years of experience in animal sheltering gives us the perfect background to anticipate and accommodate your companion’s wants and needs. We are able to administer certain medications, special dietary needs and other requirements your cat may have. (Please call us to discuss any special needs your cat may have before booking your stay.)

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We boarded our cat, Tigger, at Purradise for nearly a month while we were away. He had never been boarded before. We always had someone come to our house each day, but Tigger is nearly 17 now and has some health issues, so I worried about him having minimal contact for so long. I am thrilled to say that he thrived at Purradise. Best decision ever!

– Roxanne, Berkshire Humane Society &                                                                 Purradise Supporter



  • Rabies
  • Distemper or current and valid titers
    • Proof of a current rabies vaccine and current distemper vaccine (or current titers for distemper) must be provided before or at the time of stay.
    • Vaccinations must be administered at least 7 days before stay.

*If you can’t provide proof of vaccinations, your cat will NOT be able to stay with us.*

Other Requirements

  • Food and Medications
    • You are required to provide food and any medications your cat is taking (if applicable).
  • No Fleas or Parasites
    • If we find fleas or parasites, we will treat appropriately at your expense.
  • No Overt Aggression
    • We reserve the right to deny / terminate boarding if your cat is deemed dangerous and not safe.
  • No Illness within the last 30 days
    • If your cat has had a contagious illness within 30 days of boarding, or is showing clinical symptoms of a contagious illness at the time of boarding, we reserve the right to not board your cat.
  • Spay / Neuter
    • All cats over the age of 6 months must be spayed / neutered at the time of stay.
  • Credit Card on File
    • We require you to put a credit card on file at the time of booking. We will only charge this card if you cancel within three days of your stay, or there is a medical need for your cat to be seen by a veterinarian. (Please note that we’ll make all attempt to contact you before bringing your cat to a veterinarian.)

Feline Accommodations

Our standard feline condos are a three-cube unit, allowing your cat to spread out within their space. These condos measure 7 feet x 2 feet. Each unit is set up with a cozy bed, blankets and toys, in addition to essentials. Calming aids, such as Feliway, can be used to help your cat relax.

We also offer condos for cats with mobility issues. These one-level condos measure 5 ½ feet x 2 ½ feet, and are set up with the same comforts as our standard condos.



  • $25 per night
  • $15 per night for additional family cat

Add Ons

  • Meal Charge: $5 per day (if you fail to provide food)
  • Medication Administration: $3 per day ($5 per day if the cat is fractious)
  • Special Needs (i.e. Sub Q fluids): $10-$15 per day
  • Nail Trim: $10 one-time charge – optional
  • Microchip with 24PetWatch: $25 one-time charge – optional
    • Includes a one year complimentary registration

*All prices are subject to applicable taxes

Drop Off & Pick Up Times

  • Monday thru Saturday 9am – 4pm
    • Any cat picked up after 2pm Monday thru Saturday will be charged a half day rate of $12.
  • Sunday 10am – 4pm

Standard drop off time is 9am – 10am Monday thru Saturday and 10am – 11am on Sundays.

All cats must be dropped off in a secure carrier, during the hours listed above. All payments must be made in full at the time of pick up. Any cat not picked up on time will not be released that day and will incur an additional night’s charge at your expense.

If you need to cancel your stay, three days’ notice is required. Cancelation within three days of stay, or failure to show for your stay, will result in a one-night’s charge of $25.

Holiday Hours

Pick Up & Drop Off will be available between 2pm – 4pm by appointment on the following holidays, with an additional $5 fee:

New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President’s Day, Patriot’s Day, Memorial Day, Juneteenth, Labor Day, Columbus Day and Veterans Day.

We will be closed to the public on the 4th of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas.