A More Humane Option

We’re committed to ending pet overpopulation and homelessness through a variety of low-cost spay and neuter programs for cats and dogs. It’s humane and effective.

At animal shelters across the country, two to three million cats and dogs are euthanized each year because there are no responsible homes for them. In six years, an unspayed female cat, her mate, and their surviving offspring can produce over 60,000 kittens. The number of puppies produced from an unsprayed female dog, her mate, and their surviving offspring is almost as large.

Spaying and neutering has been proven to be the most effective and humane way to stop pet overpopulation as well as the senseless deaths of so many adoptable animals.

Berkshire Humane Society wants to be part of the solution to this nationwide problem. That’s why we offer several low-cost spay and neuter options for cat and dog owners who are in financial need and who live in Berkshire County and neighboring regions.


Indoor cat owners can participate in the Cat Spay/Neuter Initiative Program, or Cat SNIP. To sign up for Cat SNIP, stop by the main shelter in Pittsfield to complete a registration form. The cost is $150 for either spaying or neutering and includes a rabies vaccination. Payment is due at the time of registration.

Once registered, you’ll be given an appointment at a local participating veterinarian. On the morning of the appointment, you’ll drop off your cat at Berkshire Humane Society and staff will transport him/her to the surgery. You’ll be required to pick up your cat up later that afternoon, from BHS, and receive after surgery care instructions.

Please remember to plan ahead! There is often a months-long wait for a spay or neuter appointment. For more information, call 413-447-7878.


Throughout the year, Berkshire Humane Society applies for grants to provide low-cost spaying and neutering events for both cats and dogs. These are intended for pet owners with limited financial means. Examples include the “100 Cats for Christmas” and “Love a Bull” campaigns that were funded by the ASPCA/Subaru “Share the Love” and the Massachusetts Animal Coalition’s License Plate programs.

For information about these grant-funded opportunities, please call us at +1 (413) 447-7878 for availability.

Our Community Cat Program

Our Community Cat Program, formerly Animal DREAMS is dedicated to promoting the humane care and acceptance of feral/community cats throughout Berkshire County and beyond. Spaying and neutering is the most successful way to improve their quality of life and control their population.

If you are caring for feral/community cats and would like help spaying or neutering them, please contact our Community Cat Program at +1 (413) 997-CATS (2287) or email us.