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Humane Tales – Winter 2014

We open the newsletter with a letter from our Executive Director. Inside you can find article updates on Humane Heroes, our SafePet program, and Family Dog School. Plus, check out our Holiday Wish List and donate to the shelter before the end of the year!

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What We’re All About

Berkshire Humane Society is a private, nonprofit, open-admission animal support organization with a twofold mission:

  • to ensure the compassionate care, treatment, and whenever possible, placement of homeless animals through the shelter operation, and
  • to promote and improve the welfare of all animals through community education and outreach

No companion animal is turned away from BHS, and there is no restriction on the length of time that any adoptable companion animal is allowed to remain at the shelter. Some are with us for only days before they are adopted. Others may remain at the shelter for many months before they find their forever homes.

In addition to our primary mission of sheltering animals, the BHS conducts many vital programs that benefit the people of our community, including, free educational programs for local school children, a pet-food bank for economically distressed pet owners, and assistance for The Elizabeth Freeman Center in providing abused women with a safe haven for their pets during crisis.

Animal friendly license plates support Massachusetts animals