From our February 9, 2018 E-Tales Newsletter

An abandoned cat with chemical burns. Multiple canine victims of neglect. Pets surrendered due to a domestic violence incident. These are only a few of the animals that passed through our doors last month. Every year Berkshire Humane Society rescues and shelters more than 1,200 animals, caring for and rehabilitating pets that have sometimes seen the worst of mankind. Their ability to forgive, love, and move on is astounding. If you’ve adopted a rescue, you know firsthand the healing power of love and a home.

Our number one goal is to send animals home with people committed to giving them a second chance and a happy ending. It’s why we do what we do. To bring animals and people together. To heal. To love. To shelter.

And we need your help.

Recently we launched a Compassionate Caregiver Campaign, which is our sustained monthly giving option. We need 100 new Compassionate Caregivers by the end of the year, and our goal for February – the month of love – is 25+. For every animal we send home, there are hundreds more waiting their turn, fighting to survive, waiting days on end for someone to give them an opportunity to show who they truly are.

When you sign up, we will safely and conveniently charge your credit card each month for any amount you choose. You can change the amount or update your info at any time – you can even end your giving at any time.

Will you join us?

We like to say that your compassion makes our work possible, that YOU make happy endings possible. It’s true. Without our community we would not exist. We hope you will join us, and help us shelter another 1,200+ animals this year, and beyond. Thank you for your support.

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