To make your tour of Berkshire Humane Society safe , informative, and enjoyable, we offer these guidelines while visiting the shelter:

We ask that you provide one chaperone for every four children eight years old and younger and one chaperone for every five children nine years old and older.

Because we strive to make our tours age-appropriate, we request that siblings of group members or children of chaperones visit the shelter at a different time.

If members of your group have any allergies to animals, we suggest that they not participate in this visit. Animal hair and dander are abundant here!

We request that visitors not approach or touch any animals unless directed by staff.

Although we try to make the shelter as comfortable as possible for our animals, the environment is still stressful for them. Therefore, we require that all visitors walk and use quiet voices during the tour. Please no shouting, running, or jumping!

We request that visitors stay with the group and follow the tour leader’s directions at all times.

If visitors are not being respectful to the staff, volunteers, and animals, we will ask them to leave the tour and/or we will end the tour. Chaperones will need to assume responsibility for anyone who is no longer part of the tour.

Finally, if requested, we’ll provide you with a consent form for your tour to Berkshire Humane Society. We ask that you assume responsibility for having the parent or guardian of each member of your group sign and return it to you before your visit.
We look forward to welcoming you to Berkshire Humane Society!