Therapy dogs are trained to comfort people who, for a variety of reasons, need a lift in spirits that sometimes only a dog can provide.

This class will help prepare you and your dog to be comfortable and pass an evaluation to become certified from a Pet Therapy Organization of your choice. This is a preparation class only; you and your dog will not be certified at the end of the course. Instructors will explain next steps on how to become a registered/certified therapy team.


  • Dog must be 1 year old or older and have lived with the handler for at least 6 months.
  • Dog must NOT be trained in bite work training of any kind.
  • Dog must be willing to engage with other people besides their handler.
  • Animal must NOT be on a raw diet, and up-to-date with immunizations.
  • Dog must be on a buckle collar, harness, or martingale collar with a leash. 

Class Schedule: As interest grows! Email to be put on contact list for next start date.
Time: 2 pm
Instructors: Terry Cormier and Sydney
Cost: $200 for 6-week program