From our February 9, 2018 E-Tales Newsletter

A love story by Clare, a past BHS adopter

They say that your pet will choose you. That was definitely the case with my fur babies! Sunshine chose me in 2013 and then Jelly Bean and Denali, who are litter mates, chose me in 2016. I live alone and they are my perfect little family in every sense of the word. Sunshine was adopted as a 2-year-old and she is the strong, independent one. She is happy even if I am not around 24/7. As long as she has her food, toys, and soft beds, she is happy. But she is also a snuggle bug. If I am relaxing in my chair, she’s right there with me. She loves to stretch out the length of my legs and take a long nap. She’s the one who knows when I have had a tough day at work, and she is a great listening ear as I unwind. She was the first cat to choose me and she’s absolutely perfect!!

Jelly Bean and Denali are my little boys. Adopted together as kittens, they have brought laughter and energy into my home and life. They are inseparable and their silly antics of playing with each other and chasing each other up and down the stairs and all around make each day a joy! Maybe my house is a little messy with cat toys all around. Maybe there is always cat hair on my clothes and scattered litter around their boxes. To me, that doesn’t matter. I love them so much. They are my family and they are what make my house a home.

Clare’s story is part of our Compassionate Caregiver campaign. Please join us and help make happy endings possible.