Our kennel has run out of soft treats! Our staff uses these high value treats to train all our dogs, helping them learn manners and skills that make them more adoptable. These skills include leash and harness-walking, sitting, laying down, not jumping, waiting for doors to open…the list goes on. Training dogs – who come from a wide range of experiences and backgrounds – is infinitely easier with soft meaty treats. The dogs associate good behavior with reward.

These soft treats are entirely provided by community donations. We’re asking our friends and supporters to pitch in. If you can, will you please consider donating jerky or pepperoni-style treats – anything soft and meaty that can be torn into small pieces. No hard biscuits please! (That’s like working for Animal Crackers instead of steak.) For ease, check out our Amazon wish list that features some of the treats dogs like best. Thank you for your support!