Welcome to Purradise

Purradise Berkshire Humane Cat Adoption Center
Purradise - Berkshire Humane Society's Feline Adoption Center and Boutique

Adoption and Boutique Hours

Wednesday 12pm – 6 pm
Thursday 12pm – 6 pm
Friday 12pm – 6 pm
Saturday 10am – 4pm
Sunday 12pm – 4pm
Closed Monday and Tuesday

Homeless Cats Have a Dream

If you were a cold and homeless Berkshire cat, you would be dreaming of a warm and enveloping place where you would be safe. There would be plentiful food, soft places to sleep, and kind people to care for you. Your reveries might even include a sun dappled cat spa where you could exercise or snooze, safe and snuggly kitty condos, and a cat café that was totally dedicated to pleasing your palate.

Many friendly people would stop by just to admire you, or to shop in a cat fancier’s boutique that was totally dedicated to the support of your well-being.

Your stray dreams would definitely have a meowvelous Hollywood ending. One day, some special people would discover you. They would carry you into a private matchmaking nook so that you could get to know one another. After touching noses and exchanging sweet, purring sentiments, you and your new people would fall hopelessly in love and decide to become your family. They would adopt you and you would adopt them. Then they would whisk you off to your forever home.

Come to Purradise at 301 Stockbridge Road, Gt. Barrington, MA 01230 and make a homeless cat’s dreams come true.