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A Folk Opera for the Entire Family

On Saturday, December 13 at 4:00, The Beasts, a charming folk opera by local composer David Anderegg, will be performed at Old Parish Church in Sheffield. Using the tradition from Europe that animals can speak on Christmas Eve, Anderegg’s story includes a parrot named Pollyethelyne, Ambrose the wise goldfish, Wolf—an old dog, and Weezer—a puppy, along with Joseph, their owner, an angel, and the owner’s girlfriend. Things have not been going well for Joseph, who is angry and definitely not in a holiday mood, but as the story unfolds, the animals’ faithfulness and wisdom work on their master, and in the end a spirit of reconciliation reigns.

This choral work is performed by Quintessential, five voices, accompanied by instru-ments. The group sings a wide variety of music, including gospel, reggae, classical, rock, and American standards. They have sung at baseball games, including the national anthem for a Red Sox game, and other local venues. Composer Anderegg also sings with the group.

This performance has been underwritten by the Myrin Institute, a local foundation, so that all proceeds will benefit Berkshire Humane Society, the Sheffield Food Program, and Breaking Bread Kitchen in Great Barrington. Tickets are $15 for adults and $5 for children at the door.

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