We’ve Sprung a Leak

Eddie ask's for help bailing us outLast Monday morning, staff at Berkshire Humane Society discovered that a portion of our basement was flooded. The problem – our old hot water heater burst and couldn’t be repaired.

Over the past week, all areas of the shelter had been without hot water. But we’ve been resourceful and maintained our high level of sanitation through some time-consuming and creative ways, including boiling water on the stove and hauling pots and pails to get it to where it was needed.

The good news is that our 300 gallon tank was replaced with three 100 gallon tanks – over the weekend, thanks to Climate Heating & Cooling’s quick response to get our hot water back up and running!

But here’s the not so good news. The cost of the new tanks and their installation is estimated to be $21,000. So we’re looking for your help to bail us out! Please consider making a donation at one of the following levels:

Coast Guard – $5,000
Life Boat – $1,000Donate now for hot water tanks
Life Guard – $500
Life Vest – $250
Buoy – $50
Floaties – Any Amount Appreciated

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