February is Prevent a Litter Month

January 30th, 2013 Pittsfield MA…The Berkshire Humane Society will being distribution of spay/neuter surgery vouchers on February 1st to help celebrate “Prevent a Litter Month”. The spay/neuter vouchers are intended to assist pet owners who would otherwise not be able to afford the important surgeries for their pets. Funding for the vouchers is from a grant by the Hamm Trust Fund. A canine voucher will be worth $100 and a feline or rabbit will be for $75 towards the cost of the surgery. This year, pet owners will have 60 days to make an appointment with a participating veterinarian hospital.

BHS will directly reimburse the veterinarian for the amount of the voucher, once the surgery has been performed. After the voucher has been applied to the surgery bill, the pet owner is responsible for the remaining amount and any additional costs the veterinarian may have to include. There is no cash value associated with the vouchers and the limit is two per pet owner. Once those have been used, the owner can obtain another voucher if there are any funds still available. Vouchers are on a first come first serve basis until the funds are gone.

John Perreault, Executive Director of BHS, says of the program, “We’ve helped over 3,200 families spay and neuter their pets since starting this program over 10 years ago.” He added, we have had pet owners calling since early January to see if BHS will have funds available again this year”. Shelter Manager, Cheryl Truskowski, added, “Pet overpopulation is a huge problem and can be prevented by owner’s spaying and neutering their cats, dogs and rabbits. She added, “By having a pet spayed/neutered, it not only prevents pet population increases, but it can help prevent reproductive organ cancers, lowers aggression levels and can aid the problem of constant peeing and marking of territory”.

Eligible pet owners are asked to bring a valid photo ID to the Pittsfield shelter at 214 Barker Road during their normal hours of operation; Tuesday –Saturday 10am -4pm, Thursday evenings 5-8pm and Sunday 1-4pm. Or at Purradise, The BHS cat adoption center at 301 Stockbridge Road in Gt. Barrington; Wed –Friday 12- 6pm Sat. 10-4pm and Sunday 12- 4pm.

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