Lemonade vs. Cookies

Saturday May 14th the famous front porch of the Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge, MA was the battleground for the Richmond Consolidated School “Young Apprentices” contest. Mrs. Smiths’ third grade boys challenged the third grade girls, that they could raise more money for the animals at the Berkshire Humane Society selling cookies than the girls could by selling lemonade. Bruce Finn, General Manager of the RLI, invited the apprentices to use the Red Lion Inn and supplied them with the tables, linens, vases of flowers and easels to promote the contest.

The young entrepreneurs set up their respective tables filled with yummy baked goods, and 3 kinds of lemonade to sell to the patrons. The students created their own marketing signs and collection boxes for the contest and exhibited keen salesmanship traits to the passersby. No one left the porch without a drink or something to eat.

Additional members of the “Young Apprentice” teams took to the sidewalk around the RLI and the corner of routes 7 & 102 flagging down motorists to donate to the cause. Proud parents stood by as the sales kept adding up, watching their children work so hard to help the Berkshire Humane Society. At the end of the competition, Jayne Church, Gift Shop Manager and several parents counted the money in secrecy.

The Young apprentices were then lead up the many flights of stairs to the third floor Treadway Room where a sign greeted the; “The Board Room”. Everyone was seated; Girls on the left Boys on the right and then “Donald Frump” and his assistants walked into the Board room and took their seats at the Board table. Mr. Finn had donned an unkempt red wig in the style of Donald Trump. The room roared in laughter. Mr. Frump then asked each side how they thought they had done. The announcement was then made that the boys earned $520 and the girls raised $431. The real winners are the homeless animals at BHS who will be helped by the generosity and compassion of these amazing Young Apprentices.

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