Adopt-a-Shelter-Rabbit Month

February 3, 2011 Pittsfield, MA…February is designated as National Adopt-a-Shelter-Rabbit Month. To help celebrate this wonder companion animal, the Berkshire Humane Society will have special Bunny Adoption promotions throughout February and will end with a “Bunny Day Event” on Saturday the 26th from 11am until 2pm at the 214 Barker Road facility in Pittsfield.

Erin Starsja, Small Animal Caregiver at the Berkshire Humane Society, says, “Rabbits are the third most common pet surrendered to shelters and rescue organizations. Thousands of bunnies come into shelters like BHS each year, after their owners decide they no longer want them.” The main reason for surrender is that the bunny’s owner did not know they would require as much work as having a pet dog does. Rabbits need to be given fresh vegetables, a place to safely exercise outside of their cage; special dental care and they should never be kept outside. They can make excellent companions: they can live eight to ten years and bond closely to their adopters. Rabbits are quiet but inquisitive pet and can be trained to use a litter box.

Educating the public about the responsibilities of having a rabbit as a pet is part of the month long celebration at BHS. The shelter will have information packets available, about all aspects of rabbit care and the staff can answer questions the public may have before considering adopting a shelter rabbit during February. BHS currently has five buns available for adoption, some of which have been waiting foe a new home for over a year. For more information about rabbit care, call Erin at the Berkshire Humane Society 413-447-7878 ext 24 or visit our small animal page to view the rabbits currently waiting to be adopted.

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