Spay & Neuter Vouchers Available

To celebrate “National Prevent a Litter Month”, the Berkshire Humane Society will be offering vouchers for pet owners who cannot afford to spay and neuter their cats and dogs.  The voucher system works by a pet owner coming to the BHS Shelter during the hours of operation and requesting a voucher certificate.  The only requirement is a valid license/ID and proof of residence in Berkshire County.  They owners must schedule the surgery for their own pets at a veterinarian hospital that accepts the vouchers.  The Berkshire Society reimburses the veterinarians directly for the surgery.  The vouchers are worth $60 towards a spay/neuter surgery for felines and $75 towards the surgery for canines.

Since this program started over 15 years ago, The BHS Spay/Neuter Program has helped over 2,750 families spay or neuter their pets.   The funds are distributed on a first come basis and have been made available by the Hilton C. Hamm Trust. John Perreault, Executive Director of BHS, says, “The program is very important for Berkshire County pet owners who cannot afford to spay or neuter their pets. It is especially important to reach out to those pet owners who are affected by this difficult economy,” he added.  “Spaying and neutering cats and dogs can also make your animal a more pleasant companion by cutting down on their odor, scent marking, yowling, restlessness and aggression levels.  The surgery will also keep your pet healthier by reducing the risk of certain infections and several forms of cancer and it can also add years to your pet’s life.”

Between 8 and 12 million animals are surrendered nationwide to shelters every year. Of that, 70% of cats and 60% of dogs never find a home due to the pet overpopulation problem. “By making sure that all of our shelter adoptees are spayed and neutered and also helping those families who cannot afford the surgery, BHS hopes to continue to see a decrease in the amount of unwanted pet-births in our community”, noted Perreault.  For more information on pet overpopulation and spaying and neutering, please call the Berkshire Humane Society at (413) 447-7878.

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