October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

October 1, 2008 …How better to celebrate than to adopt a dog that has been residing at the Berkshire Humane Society on Barker Road in Pittsfield for over a year. There are two such canines at the shelter, still hopeful that the right people will come in and take them to a home of their own. Lisa Corbett, Canine Services Manager at BHS, says of these long term residents, “We want the public to know that we do keep adoptable animals for as long as it takes to find them the right home.” Not only does BHS provide shelter, food and medical care for these dogs while they wait for someone to adopt them, the dedicated staff gives each resident canine quality time daily that includes exercise, play, training, enrichment and lots of love added Corbett.

The longest term resident is Jed, a good’ol hound dog who just wants an owner who will let him fulfill what comes natural to a hound dog: sniff, explore, and get lots of petting along the way. The second dog is Charlie, who lives to fetch, fetch and fetch some more. He needs a very active owner who can keep up with his exercise needs. Did we mention he loves, loves, loves to fetch tennis balls and Kongs? If you’re looking for a dog like Jed or Charlie, come visit these deserving dogs at Berkshire Humane Society!

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